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Anyone can invent and make the logo. However, an excellent logo can not be made so easily. Many of the logos called masterpieces are simple and easy to stay in eyes, many of them are easy to remember in memory. It is quite difficult to produce masterpieces. The pillars of my own initiative are simple and memorable.


This time, I will explain mainly to these three.


  • Simplicity
  • Fit theme
  • Move hands




What is simple thing? Humans have ambiguities in memorizing what they saw and we can only remember one or two features. Therefore, the logo is also the same. Too fancy, exaggerated design is not easy to memorize. Simply keep it, if possible, I want to produce a design that will remain in one corner of my head just by looking at it once.



Fit theme

There are things to keep in mind when creating logos. That is what the client’s company does and what kind of work it is doing. In that situation, we need to conduct research firmly and to be able to explain the type of client’s business in detail. It is important to link logo images and occupations.



To move hands

Recently, thanks to the development of personal computers, people can use designs with illustrators only with mouse. However, I actually think that using paper and pen and moving hands will drive a creative idea. No matter how technology develops, moving your hand seems to stimulate the brain.


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