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R designの由来はこれです。笑


The influence of color on people is very interesting and psychological. In this article, I will write about various influences of color.

There is a field of color psychology, and the meaning given to human beings by color is spreading to the general public.

At the beginning, I easily described the meanings other than red in a table.

Meaning of various colors(japanese)



Also, please put in the corner of the head that the meaning of color depends on the culture and history of each country and region.

For example, for red, it means luck in China, but it is treated as a symbol of death in South Africa. It is also associated with losing money in the financial world.

In case

Many mammals can not distinguish between red (yellow) and green, but red has a stronger influence on humans than other colors.


In color psychology, red gives a worn-on person the effect of “feeling himself predominantly, increasing heart rate, raising testosterone and improving performance”. In addition, the person who wears red has a research result “both men and women look more attractive than other colors”. It means that red is “energetic, passionate, behavioral, stimulating emotion”.


Red also has a strong influence in the negative sense. It stimulates appetite, raises desire, boosts blood pressure, has the effect of promoting anger and aggression.


In conclusion, because red is a strong stimulus, I like it. Lol

This is the origin of R design. Lol

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